“If you want to find out “ who you are” look around your country first”

Andrej Kmet

For centuries Humans are driven to explore the unknown, discover new worlds and push the boundaries beyond limits visible. To discover something new makes us feel happy and at ease.

Moreover, we want to pass this knowledge and skills on the others. Therefore, we set up a library and working craft studio in our house. For the time being, we offer the following courses:

Felt making course

 Tatiana will teach you felt-making techniques and transforming wool into felt using the techniques of needle felting and wet felting. You will learn how to make hats, hand-bags with pockets inside and spectacle-case from felted wool (using hand felted wool). Besides traditional felting technique, you will learn all about drawing and canvas painting with oil paints. Tatiana completed her MA in Art Education and has several years experience working with art and art education.


Ceramics and pottery course

Anton will teach you how to round pot on a pottery wheel. This requires a good amount of practice, great patience and time to learn. You will learn to take in hand the pieces of clay and to squash the clay down and to remodel it. Moreover you will learn how to make your own pottery and you will learn all possible ways of firing clay pots in the wood-fired kiln. These traditional methods for forming pottery (old glazing techniques, hand techniques, foot-pedal operated pottery wheel, wood-fired kilns) were used by local artisans from the past. The Beluja old pottery techniques has been used “only a few decades ago”, untill the end of the 19th century. Yet with respect to tradition – use of traditional materials and their traditional processing – Anton uses clay loam from the local clay pits situated outside the village. Anton is comitted to carrying out handcraft business fairly and honestly.


Traditional woodworking and fragrant wood aroma

Anton will teach you how to shape wood with hand tools. You will learn all purpose grade of wood shavings. Wood shavings has a fragrant, natural aroma and gives the air a pleasant smell. Anton is hand-tool enthusiast and he is working only with hand tools that belonged to his grandfather. He is keen to pursue traditional woodworking techniques.