Unusual accomodation in a quiet old rectory

If you are looking for peaceful and quiet accomodation, close to nature, then the Old Rectory is a good option. This 175 years old house was the rectory of the Evangelical Church Assembly in our village. The Old Rectory – The house we live now, was built in 1786 and lately generously rebuilt in the year 1891.

The house is a light, spacious and rather grand house with rooms being to some extent open to the outside world, since the old Rectory used for homes of ordinary parish lutheran clergy, has been serving the whole community. In the spirit of community openness, we want to continue this tradition, by having an inviting home. We offer one-guest room for our guests who are visiting the area of Beluja village. The cosy and comfortable room with wooden floor and a tiled stove, was originally used in the past as a dining-room for the pastor and his family. This very large and bright room are furnished with furniture in Liberty Style/Glasgow style (Art-Nouveau style). You will also find other good old-fashioned objects as books and newspapers/magazines of the 20 century´s first decade. When the weather outside runs wild, one can enjoy reading book sitting on comfortable antique sofa. For the oak-hearted, high-hearted, brave fellows we offer elegant kerosene (oil) lamps. But don´t worry, our home is well equiped with original electric power set from 1950s. When the sun goes down, you need only to switch rotary switch black bakelite, soon will come the light! Thus you can keep your computer notebook on the traditional period working table and do have fun using this modern gadgets. If you want to write, just use a writing table. How well you sleep-the quality of your sleep – that matters. Good quality mattress and soft duvet covers are at your disposal. Besides the double bed, we can offer an extra single bed. An efficient wood burning tiled stove provides a plenty of aromatic wood heat to our home and your guest-room.

For high-school students seeking share house accommodation, in order to conduct academic/scholary research, we offer discounted lodgement fees, an open access to internet and our well-furnished library.

Bicycle/Cycling tourists can rely on our professional repair services and we are also happy to rent or hire a bike for visitors who want to explore our village of Beluja and the surrounding area. Our local roads usually have low traffic flows and thus provide great opportunities for cycle touring. It looks like you have found here a biking paradise!

We will be happy to provide you with the information you need on different tourist facilites, services and local products including agricultural bio products. Eventually we can advise you on suitable for consumption wild forest fruits and herbs.